Old illustration

These are some of my oldest drawings. I used to do this thing where I would do a drawing and then scribble over it. ugh. I kinda hate it. The first drawing is a self portrait. I still make drawings that are very “flat”. That is, the background is right behind the figure, and there’s never a lot of illusion of depth. Hmm. I really like the brightly colored shapes behind the first two guys.

Also, these are watercolors… I was never what you would call “good” at watercolors, as much as into really wet and crazy watercolors. Sometimes that worked (say, the first drawing) and sometimes not. I prefer digital coloring *so* much. With watercolors, you can’t make corrections, and it’s all about planning. I had an art professor in college who defined drawing as “the most direct method between idea and execution,” which I always liked. That’s kind of what a sketch is, but I found that hard to do with watercolors. I didn’t really learn how to color until a few years ago.


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