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Some drawings from a space comic that never went anywhere. I like how these turned out, though.  

Some friends of mine own Film is Truth video in Bellingham, Washington. I think it might be a non-profit now? Anyway, back when there were millions of video stores they had me make a short series of comics to advertise their store. It was probably the 90s. What strikes me is how astonishingly bad my […]

This comic is one of the few I’ve ever done that I felt the side scrolling format really worked for. Eventually I turned it into a minicomic (but not a scroll, alas), and I also etched it onto an 8 foot wide brass panel.

Who has time for a 24 hour comic, really? It takes all day, and the results aren’t usually awesome. Not long after I did my 240hour comic, I started doing 1-hour comics… the idea is the same, but the time commitment is less. This is the first one I drew.

The idea behind this comic was to do a dialogue-free action sequence that might be a fragment from a larger story. The car is, of course, an AMC Gremlin X model. Did you know that some Gremlins had v8 engines? I don’t remember if I actually did the calculations to see how far the car […]


This is an unfinished comic. It was going to be your basic pirates in jail telling stories kind of thing, starting with Henry Morgan’s famous Panama expedition, and moving on to other more fictional exploits. Unfortunately I discovered that my dialogue skills, ahem, need work, so I never got beyond the first couple of pages. […]

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